FC (quality control tested)

Reactivity: Human


The T-cell BlastoFlowEx Kit is designed to measure the proliferative response of T cells in activated human whole blood samples. The kit uses a cocktail of anti-CD3 and anti-Ki67 antibodies to detect lymphocyte proliferation.


  • ED7642-1 Fix and Lysing Solution, 1x 25ml, designed to prepare 250ml of 1x solution (2ml per test).
  • ED7642-2 Permeabilizing Solution, 1x 10 mL, designed to prepare 100 mL of 1x solution (0.5 mL per test).
  • ED7642-3 EDTA, 1x 2.5 mL (0.025 mL per test).
  • ED7642-4 CD3 APC/Ki-67 PE, 2x 2.5 mL (0.05 mL per test).

Storage and handling

Store at 2-8°C. Do not freeze.

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