Clostridium botulinum Recombinants

Abstract Clostridium botulinum Recombinants is a gram-positive, spore-forming, anaerobic bacillus that produces a potent neurotoxin. Botulinum neurotoxins (BoNT) are classified […]

Triticum aestivum Recombinants

Abstract Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), one of the most important crops, belongs to the Triticum genus of the Poaceae family. […]

Toxoplasma gondii Recombinants

Simple summary Very common parasitic infections in animals are caused by members of the Apicomplexa, including Toxoplasma gondii Recombinants, Neospora […]

T-cell BlastoFlowEx Kit

Request FC (quality control tested) Reactivity: Human Description The T-cell BlastoFlowEx Kit is designed to measure the proliferative response of […]

COVID-19 Antigen Self Test

The TGA has approved the following COVID-19 self-tests (home use tests) for supply in Australia from 1st November 2021. See […]

AGS 8830

Description Daan’s real-time PCR detection system, the AGS8830, combines multiple optimized design features to deliver exceptional performance and reliable results. […]

Lyo NZYSupreme qPCR Probe Master Mix (2x)

Description Molecular diagnostic tests are being carried out increasingly developed into freeze-dried Format. The highest stability of Lyophilized reagents allows […]