Daan’s real-time PCR detection system, the AGS8830, combines multiple optimized design features to deliver exceptional performance and reliable results. There are two models: AGS8830-8 and AGS8830-16, which can process 8 or 16 samples per run. Together with Daan’s 2019-nCoV rapid PCR kits, you can get results in 35 minutes.


◆ Fast – get results in 35 minutes together with DA099X/DA107X.
◆ Yield: 8 or 16.
◆ Precise temperature control: advanced semiconductor refrigeration technology.
◆ Easy to use: LCD screen/humanized operation interface.
◆ Large data storage: Store more than 1,000 files.
◆ Portable: 5.5kg.
◆ The output of results: direct display on the screen or transfer via USB.


Sample size

  • 8 × 0.1 mL/0.2 mL centrifuge tube (5μL-100μL)
  • 16 × 0.1 mL/0.2 mL centrifuge tube (5μL-100μL)

Heating rate (average): ≥3.1℃

Cooldown rate (average): ≥2.7℃

Temperature range: 30-100℃

Fluorescence channel

  • F1: FAM, SYBR Greene, etc. F2: HEX, VIC, JOE, etc.
  • F3: ROX, TEXAS RED, etc. F4:Cy5 etc

Dimension (mm) (L×W×H): 300×260×180

Weight (kg): 5.5

Instrument maintenance

The wells and hot cap of the instrument should be periodically cleaned with special brushes bathed in a little absolute alcohol to guarantee complete contact between tubes and wells and high thermal conductivity while free of pollution. Use a soft cloth to do daily maintenance to clean the surface and wells. If there is any stain on the surface, you can clean it with a dust-free cloth with 75% alcohol. Do not use chlorine disinfectants, moisturizers, antibacterials soaps, aromatic solutions, propanol or isopropanol to clean the equipment, as they are types of cleaning or sanitizing agent is easy to have a chemical reaction with parts of the equipment or materials contained in the equipment and cause danger.

Perform only the maintenance mentioned in this manual. Before using any cleaning and disinfection method not described in this document, please contact the technical support personnel of the Company or authorized agency to ensure that the method used will not damage the instrument. If you have any questions on the compatibility of disinfectants or cleaning agents with pieces of equipment or materials contained in the equipment, consult the Company or an authorized agency.

Main Applications and Features of the AGS8830-8, AGS8830-16 Real-Time PCR Detection System

The product is based on the fluorescent polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and is used in conjunction with supportive nucleic acid detection reagents for Quantitative and qualitative detection of nucleic acid (RNA / DNA) samples from the human body, including pathogens and human gene projects. 

Attention: When the instrument is used in clinical detection, the reagent must be within the validity period and in accordance with local laws and regulations. Positive quality samples and negative and critical quality samples should be tested in each experiment, when the quality control samples meet the quality control requirement, the experiment is efficient.