Molecular diagnostic tests are being carried out increasingly developed into freeze-dried Format. The highest stability of Lyophilized reagents allows for shipment and storage at room temperature, extended shelf life and allocation to increase the volume of the sample. Our low glycerol content, ready for lyophilization qPCR master mixes are single tube solutions that are ready to be mixed with primers, probes and excipients for the subsequent lyophilization step.

No need to consume a lot of time development, optimization and sourcing multiple separate qPCR reaction components. These reagents maintain reproducibility, sensitivity and the specificity required for diagnosis trials. Once freeze-dried, the tests show little or no loss sensitivity or specificity and have been shown to reproducibly detect copies of a single target per reaction and provide linear dynamic range over 7 logarithmic units.

Let our customer service team helps you find the Applied Biosystems™ lyo-ready master mix for your unique requirements. Personalization is available, and all master mixes are available with or no passive reference dye. Manufactured with the highest quality standards and designed for batch-to-batch consistency, you can trust our lyo-ready and custom master mixes Service team for your next qPCR-based diagnostic project.

Benefits of TaqMan lyo-ready master mixes

• High concentration—allows

flexibility in the final formulations with primers, probes and excipients

• Convenience: Optimized, ready-to-use formulations for freeze-drying 1-step qPCR and RT-qPCR assays

• Custom: Package sizes and formulations tailored to your requirements

• Performance— reliable, reproducible results over a wide dynamic range

Optimized for the rigours of freeze-drying

TaqMan lyo-ready master mixes are turnkey formulations that can be inserted into the freeze-drying process with little or no optimization. They yield the sensitivity and linear dynamic range you expect from Applied Biosystems qPCR master mixes (Figure 1) and post-lyophilization results are similar to those obtained before lyophilization. To demonstrate performance before and after lyophilization, TaqMan Lyo Ready 1-Step Master Mix was the first combined with excipients to form a pre-lyo master mix and then lyophilized in an FTS Systems LyoStar™ II system. The performance of the TaqMan Lyo-Ready 1-Step Master Mix is ​​retained with or without the added excipients, and then lyophilization.

Reagent stability for convenience and cost savings.

Freeze-dried assays minimize stringent requirements for cold chain storage and shipping, dramatically reducing the cost for developers of molecular diagnostics and your clients. Lyophilized assays also show increased stability, reducing waste due to reagent and assay expiration. Figure 3 shows the constant stability of three batches of the lyophilized assay using TaqMan Lyo-Ready 1-Step Master Mix for four tested targets.